Friday, September 18, 2015

HSI Professional 1" Ceramic Hair Flat Iron Review

This is my review of the HSI professional 1" Ceramic Hair Flat Iron.
I was really happy when I got selected to try this flat iron out, I love anything about hair and beauty products, and love to try the ones I've never tried out before. When it comes to hair flat irons or straighteners you want one that is going to work and be worth your money/time. My hair is very long and it takes some time to straighten it so I gotta have something that works. My mom also blessed me with some curl in my hair and it's hard to tame that frizz sometimes, I always use serums after I wash my hair.

Things you might wanna know

New tourmaline - ionic technology increases silky and shiny hair while still protecting it.
New ceramic 1" plates helps it heat up quickly
Round body shape so you can flip or curl your hair with it
It has a temp control up to 410°
1 year manufacturer warranty
Professional model
360 degree swivel cord to prevent tangles

These sell on amazon for $49.99

What all came with it?
Free pouch for storage
Free HSI Argan Oil sample
A glove because this heats up to 410°
And some coupons

I received this really fast after I ordered it and as soon as my 11 year old daughter saw it she wanted me to straighten her hair. So she was my little demonstrator. I applied some of the Argan oil towards the end of her hair

This is only half of her hair..



                            And... this is all of her hair finished 

This flat iron is well worth it you will love how your hair feels after.

I received this flat iron at a discounted price for my honest opinion.

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  1. You've got gorgeous hair either way, but it looks as though that flat iron really does a great job!