Wednesday, October 21, 2015

Free Product Testing Sites and Get Free Or Discounted Products From Amazon to Review

Product testing and word of mouth companies 

Here are some of the best sites to join to get free products. There are alot more but not the best.

Bzzagent sign up complete some surveys. If you qualify for a campaign they will email you.

Influenster you get vox boxes which are random products.

Smiley360 you complete surveys to see if your a match.. they offer alot of missions.

Snugglebearden get to try new products from snuggle.

Houseparty apply to host party's they give out nice products

 In home product testing  they will send out emails to take surveys. I have only tested one product in a couple years of being with them.

McCormick consumer panel they will send you products to try

Mills advisory panel this is a panel for general mills you get to try new products.

Goodhousekeeping product testing panel test different products from Goodhousekeeping.

Tide development team I've signed up for this but haven't received anything yet

Pinchme  Get free samples that you have to give feedback for. The samples go quick.

Johnson&Johnson neighborhood and friends  Try out products for your opinion.

Crowdtap  Complete tasks and get entries to win amazon gift cards they also have sample missions.

Momsmeet  get free products to try, usually food.

Pink panelists  facebook page you sign up there.

Amazon freebies or cheap deals

Get free or deeply discounted products for your reviews on amazon.

You have to have an amazon account and you will have to pay for shipping, unless you have amazon prime you can get 30 day free trial. Note: your going to want to add some reviews to your amazon profile especially if you have to get approved first.

Please if you review a product give your honest opinion. 

Amzreviewtrader  is by far the best site I have found so far they have a huge selection of products and a lot of free ones. They have thousands of products. You have to request and get approved.

Snagshout you start out with points and you can request one product and after you review you get more points.

Elite deal group they have new deals daily, products go fast.

Dollar deal reviews

All star review. They will send out emails when a product is available 

Amz vip

Ilovetoreview This one is great they send you emails, but you have to be quick

Honest few they will email you deals

UberZon Club they send out deals daily

Home product testing

I found a really good list over at and also has some tips about amazon.

As of today I have reviewed $2400 worth of stuff for under $30 about 137 items I got for barely nothing for exchange for my review.

Most of these I have gotten through Amz Review Trader and a few others.

Making a Picture Book With AdoramaPix Review

I recently started my Adoramapix photo book that I am receiving free for writing a review and sharing. It has taken me a few weeks because i am using random photos of my family and have had to upload a lot of those to my computer with my scanner. My sister recently got married so i wanted to include those, had to get those off of Facebook because we live 2500 miles away and didn't get to go. also had to wait for my daughters cheer leading pictures to come back. I am going to be gifting this photo book to my grandparents that also live far away.

When you start creating a book it will ask you what type of cover you want.

you can also pick different sizes and how many pages you would like, you can add more pages later if you need to.

It has been really fun going through pictures, which brought back a lot of great memories, and putting them together on different pages. But this project is something that isn't going to take you a day, there is so many different backgrounds, frames, borders, stickers ect.
They do have different themes you can choose from.

and more you can view here.

AdoramaPix has several different Videos you can watch to show you an introduction to publisher, you can view it here.

i love that you can save your book and come back later to finish, you can also preview it to see how it looks finished. they also have a feature to share it by email, facebook or you can embed it.

I had so much fun creating a book with AdoramaPix. if your wanting to make one as a gift or to keepsake some of those memories.


After placing my order I received my book a couple weeks later. It takes that long because they have to make it. I am in love with adoramapix they do an awesome job, not only are there products great quality they come out looking great and are very great for memory keepsake.

Here is my book

Book Cover

So as you can see you can really make any type of photo book for any occasion. I am going to be giving this book to my grandparents as a gift from us grand kids.

You can also order photo prints from Adoramapix they are really great quality.
With the photo book you can also save $2 if you add their logo to the front and back pages so you can save some money.

I was no way compensated in any way I received this product for free to review. My opinions are my own and honest.

Saturday, October 10, 2015

GAIA Sciences Ultra Strength Vitamin D3 5000IU Review

Vitamin D3 5000IU Ultra Strength

When I found out my vitamin D was low the last time I had my blood work done, I didn't know of it was from working night shift or just not getting enough sun ect. It could've been anything. Now I take vitamin D daily, when I got these I was surprised that there were 360 on the bottle, that's a whole years worth minus the 5 days. 

These work great I can tell the difference when I don't take them, I feel alot better and my joints don't hurt, and in the long run vitamin D is great for your bones.

360 count will last you about a year.
Very small easy to swallow.
Contains a high amount of vitamin D 5000iu.... when it said ultra strength they weren't lying. Way over the daily % needed which is nothing but good for you  I've  only tried 400iu

You can find these great vitamins on amazon here from GAIA SCIENCES.

I received this product for free to review and share my honest opinion, I was no way compensated in any way.