Saturday, October 10, 2015

GAIA Sciences Ultra Strength Vitamin D3 5000IU Review

Vitamin D3 5000IU Ultra Strength

When I found out my vitamin D was low the last time I had my blood work done, I didn't know of it was from working night shift or just not getting enough sun ect. It could've been anything. Now I take vitamin D daily, when I got these I was surprised that there were 360 on the bottle, that's a whole years worth minus the 5 days. 

These work great I can tell the difference when I don't take them, I feel alot better and my joints don't hurt, and in the long run vitamin D is great for your bones.

360 count will last you about a year.
Very small easy to swallow.
Contains a high amount of vitamin D 5000iu.... when it said ultra strength they weren't lying. Way over the daily % needed which is nothing but good for you  I've  only tried 400iu

You can find these great vitamins on amazon here from GAIA SCIENCES.

I received this product for free to review and share my honest opinion, I was no way compensated in any way.


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