Friday, May 15, 2015

Hollywood Wax Museum Pigeon forge Tennessee Review

Hollywood wax museum Pigeon forge

We decided to take a little family trip to pigeon forge Tennessee back in February.. I received some complimentary tickets to the Hollywood wax museum, and castle of chaos and Hannahs mirror maze which was under construction. .

This was the first family mini vacation we have taken in awhile,  so it was much needed.

Pigeon forge has so many things to do so I would recommend to stay longer than 2 days, it is also so beautiful there. 

This is something that everyone would enjoy not just the kids.. we also went to the castle of chaos which was awesome, I couldn't get any pictures because it is so dark inside. You sit in these chairs and get buckled in and have 3d glasses on with this screen in front of you and get a gun to shoot the bad things coming at you.. this is like a ride because it turns 360° and you have air and water spray at you. At the end of the ride you get scored and I came in 2nd woo hoo.

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